1 Pack - 2016 Topps Baseball-Update Series-Unopened Sealed-10 Cards Per Pack-Hobby

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THESE COME FROM A NEW SEALED BOX - PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: The 2016 MLB season isn't complete without the release of Topps Baseball UPDATE SERIES! From the biggest player transactions and mid-season rookie call-ups to amazing highlights and MLB All-Star GAME content, Topps BASEBALL Update Series captures all the best action from the season AND is a must-have for every baseball fan! PRODUCT BREAKDOWN: BASE CARDS: Topps Baseball Update Series features 300 total base cards, showcasing the hottest rookie call-ups, veteran transactions and season highlights! Be sure to collect all of the superstars from the 2016 MLB All-Star Game and Home Run Derby! BASE PARALLEL CARDS: - Gold - Numbered to 2016. - Black - Numbered to 64. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY - Pink - Numbered to 50. - Platinum - Numbered 1/1. - Rainbow Foil - Inserted 1:10. - SILVER FRAME - Numbered 1/1. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY - BASE CARD PRINTING PLATES - Numbered 1/1. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY ALL-STAR CARDS: Every relic card showcases material from the official 2016 MLB All-Star Game Workout Jerseys! All-Star Stitches Autographed Relics: MLB All-Stars with a relic piece and an autograph. Numbered to 25. All-Star Jumbo Patches Autographs: 15 big All-Star patches with autographs. Numbered to 6. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY All-Star STITCHES: Up to 60 superstars to collect! - All Star Stitches Gold Parallel - Numbered to 50. - All Star Stitches PLATINUM Parallel - Numbered 1/1. ALL-STAR JUMBO PATCHES: Up to 50 players showcasing National League or American League logo patches. Numbered to 6. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY ALL-STAR STITCHES DUALS: Highlighting the best All-Star player combinations. Numbered to 25. ALL-STAR STITCHES TRIPLES: Amazing All-Star player trios. Numbered to 25. HOBBY & HOBBY JUMBO ONLY INSERT CARDS: CHASING 3000: Captures major hits by Ichiro as he approaches his 3,000th MLB hit and leaves his name in the MLB history books! Inserted 1:8 packs. 3000 HITS CLUB: Pays homage to the elite players that make up the 3,000 hits club. Inserted. 1:6 packs. FIRE BASEBALL: The highly popular designs by Tyson Beck make their way into Update Series, showcasing an all-new look and feel for baseball. Inserted 1:8 packs. FIRST PITCH: A tribute to the pop culture icons who threw out a ceremonial first pitch during the 2016 MLB season. Inserted 1:6 packs. TEAM FRANKLIN: Showcasing top MLB players who are a part of the premier batting glove company's team. Inserted 1:8 packs. AUTOGRAPH CARDS: Scouting Report Autographs: Scouting Report analytics are the key driver for this autograph set of Major League Baseball players. CHASING 3,000: Ichiro's march to 3,000 hits is celebrated with an autograph version, each a rare 1/1 card! 3,000 HitS Club Autographs: The greatest MLB hitters of all time are showcased with their recognizable signatures. Numbered to 25. Fire Autographs: The heat is on with an autograph version of the Fire baseball insert set. Numbered to 25. TEAM FRANKLIN AUTOGRAPHS: The premier batting glove company's players put their autographs on these collectible cards. Numbered to 25. RELIC CARDS: 3,000 HitS Club Medallions: Members of the 3,000 hits club are honored with beautifully designed Medallions that celebrate their hitting accomplishment. - Gold Parallel - Numbered to 25. - PLATINUM Parallel - Numbered to 10. - PLATINUM Parallel AUTOGRAPH - Numbered to 10. 500 Home Run Club Stamp Cards: Members of the 500 Home Run Club are the centerpiece of this special set that highlights a stamp from the year they swatted their 500th career blast. First Pitch Relics: The relic on these notable first pitch cards will be an actual ticket stub from the game! Numbered to 10. Own the Name: Featuring a premier list of MLB players, these cards showcase a letter from the nameplate of a game-worn jersey. Each card features one letter and is a rare 1/1! 10 Cards Per Pack