Privacy Policy


Our Rights
• 1) We reserve the right to cancel any order which we feel is fraudulent, doesn't pass any of our privacy policy, or is not a country in which we can ship to, or an item we can ship outside the U.S., such as posters.
• 2) We hold no responsibility for what a customer does with a product which they purchased from UPWARD SPIRAL SPORTS.COM. Once a product is purchased, it belongs to the customer and is no longer a responsibility of ours.
• 3) We hold no responsibility for minors purchasing from our website. Customers under 18 years of age, must have parental guidance when using our website.
• 4) We hold no responsibility for customers whose credit card was fraudulently used by someone else. We can however issue a refund if we do not have an order shipped out before the owner of the card contacts us. We do everything we can to try to avoid this by canceling orders in which we feel are suspiciously billed by what billing information we receive from the customer. (Under Privacy Policy 1)
• 5) We reserve the right to items that are backordered. We cannot control stock at times, as it is up to the supplier of the particular item to get it in stock or manufacture more for us, and cannot guarantee every item listed on this website is in stock.
• 6) We reserve the right to an item not being exact to the image that is listed on our website. Sometimes the design of a product may be very slightly different. We do or very best to keep the images as 100% to the actual item as possible.
• 7) We reserve the right to cancel an order that has been backordered for more than 30 days.
• 8) We reserve the right to call a customer at anytime concerning their order, using the contact number they give with their order, unless otherwise stated by the customer not to call.
• 9) We reserve the right to store your ordering shipping and billing information on our website through "cookies" for use of when a customer makes a return visit, they won't have to retype the information to speed up the process.
• 10) We reserve the right to contact a customer at anytime through e-mail concerning their order, for communicating purposes only to help process the order.
• 11) We reserve the right to change our prices, stock status, product availability, images of products, and any other information found on our website.
• 12) We reserve the right to ship parts of an order out if we do not have every item ordered by a customer at once.
• 13) Information, pictures, and any other image, text, etc. found on this website is copyright UPWARD SPIRAL SPORTS.COM. You cannot borrow anything without getting our permission first.
• 14) We reserve the right to record your IP address when browsing our website, and report to your ISP any violations you make, such as stealing our text or images without our permission.

Customer's Rights
• 1) Your information is soley for the use of UPWARD SPIRAL SPORTS.COM, and is never shared with anyone other than our credit card processor, and of course the webhost of our website, in which they have no rights to your information. Our webhost just collects and stores the data for UPWARD SPIRAL SPORTS.COM. The information is solely for our use to collect, so we can get the order shipped, and receive payment.
• 2) You have the right to cancel an order at anytime.
• 3) You have the right to choose another payment option, make changes to your order, and request status of your order at anytime.
• 4) You have the right to request an item or band at anytime.
• 5) You have the right to make a decision on whether or not to ship part of the order, or all of the order.
• 6) You have the right to use our banner listed under our links section for use on your website for promotional use only. If you would like to exchange links and banners, contact us.

General Statements
• We appreciate your trust in providing your information to process your order and collect payment and billing and shipping information.
• We will only use your information which is asked on the order form, such as questions about who is your favorite band, or where you found our website, for purposes of improving our service, and making our website a very fast, effective, money-saving way for you to shop.
• People who try and send us viruses through e-mail will be reported to their ISP, which could lead to your internet privileges being taken away from that ISP. Please do not attempt this, as you will be banned from our website.