About Us

About Our Company

-Why We Started
We founded this company mainly because of our love for sports, business. We feel as though we will go into more detail than most retailers. We are huge fans of sports as well, and know how hard it is to find certain merchandise for your favorite team or school. Since we are a small, family owned business, you will receive more personalized service than buying from larger companies, because we do not do as high of volume of orders as these companies, so we can give more attention to each customer and order. We appreciate each customer and order more than larger companies that get so many orders. We thank you for shopping with us, and don't take any customer or order for granted.

-Our Goals
We plan to establish one of, if not, the best sports merchandising website on the internet. We plan to go into more detail on items for your favorite team or school than other retailers. We plan to establish a great reputation as a very professional company that cares about it's customers. We want our customers to feel at ease when shopping with us, and using our website. We are always looking to expand our horizons on what titles we carry. If you don't see your favorite, drop us a request.

Upward Spiral Sports